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Web-Based Shipment Management System Introduced by GATX Rail Logistics, Inc.

CHICAGO, July 26 /PRNewswire/ -- GATX Rail Logistics, Inc. today announced the introduction of a new railcar management system that gives shippers access to reporting on the current status of their rail fleets through a secure web site. The web-based information and reports are available in conjunction with the customized fleet management services provided by GATX Rail Logistics.

Paul Newbourne, vice president and managing director of GATX Rail Logistics, stated, "GATX has recently intensified its focus on expanding its rail and rail related services businesses. One particular area of opportunity is e-based services such as the one we are introducing today. We believe this new offering will provide rail shippers and their customers an opportunity to maximize the use of their rail cars while at the same time, optimizing their overall transportation and fleet management costs."

"The Zephyr (TM) Fleet Management Reporting System offers our customers -- and their customers -- the most useful and timely information currently available," stated Deborah Poe, director of sales and marketing of GATX Rail Logistics. "The Zephyr System is the first web-based product that gives customers information on their fleets through a front-end that is flexible enough to allow the creation of customized reports delivering fleet status information in exactly the format that best meets the user's needs."

"We can set parameters that will trigger car exceptions at whatever level a customer needs on a particular route or fleet, and the GATX Rail Logistics' analysts need only focus on those exceptions in their day-to-day fleet management activities," Poe explained.

"By resolving exceptions at the outset, the GATX operations analysts will ensure that the information that is fed into the Zephyr system's data-mart is accurate. This permits better trend analysis and reporting that is more valuable in supporting our customers' efforts to optimize their rail transportation services and asset utilization," Ms. Poe concluded.

"We believe that this type of advanced technology application, in conjunction with our industry expertise and know-how, allows GATX Rail Logistics to deliver an ever increasing level of measurable value to our customers," commented Newbourne. "We will be rolling out subsequent system enhancements that will build on this foundation as we continue our efforts to improve our value proposition to our customers."

The Zephyr Fleet Management Reporting System has completed its beta-testing program with customers, and the full release is up, running and available to customers. To learn how customers can integrate this state-of-the-art product into their individual rail fleet management needs, more information is available at .

GATX Rail Logistics, Inc. provides a complete offering of rail transportation management services to shippers or receivers of bulk commodities, built around four fundamental product lines: Shipment Management, Asset Management, Carrier Management, and Consulting Services. GATX Corporation (NYSE: GMT) is a unique finance and services company that uses asset and market knowledge, service capabilities and partnering skills to serve targeted industries including rail, air, technology, telecommunications and marine. Through its rail portfolios and service, GATX is among the largest rail leasing and rail solutions providers in the world. It has interests in more than 150,000 railcars around the world and provides an ever-increasing number of e-based and asset-based services to simplify fleet operations.

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