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GATX Declares Dividends

CHICAGO, July 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The board of directors of GATX Corporation (NYSE: GMT) today declared a quarterly dividend of $0.25 per common share, payable September 30, 1998, to shareholders of record September 15, 1998.

The board also declared a quarterly dividend of $0.625 per share on the $2.50 preferred stock, payable September 1, 1998, to shareholders of record August 14, 1998.

The common and preferred dividends declared today are unchanged from the previous quarter. The $0.25 common dividend reflects the effect of the two-for-one split effective June 1, 1998, on the common dividend; prior to the two-for-one split each common share received a dividend of $0.50 per quarter; on a comparable basis, there is no change in the dollar amount paid to each shareholder.

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